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This article examines some lessons learned in an award-winning young adult book.

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Social Justice Warriors

Are children being trained by adults to become activists? Are they qualified to take on these battles, or are they being exploited?

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Taking the Bait

Are children influenced by product placements in books? Today's children have substantial purchasing power.
How much, if any, impact do product placements have on children's spending or further reading material? 


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Dark, Twisted, Disturbing, and Implausible

Are fictional characters a reflection of our society today, or are they helping to establish a new normal?

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In Such a Time as This

Many libraries and bookstores are closed. Are e-books the answer?

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Gutter Language

Profanity may be normal these days, but does normal mean acceptable? Is profanity included in books for young adults?

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Politics for Kids

Our youth seem to have strong political viewpoints these days. Is it from a careful study of our history and our Constitution, or are they being politicized? 

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Targeting Young Adults Through Fiction

Are publishers targeting teens with textual porn?

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Introducing Islam to Children Parts 2 and 3

In Parts 2 and 3, the question is posed as to whether children are deliberately led to specific conclusions about Palestinians and Israelis through kiddie books.

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