The Mind Polluters

June 24, 2021

Mark and Amber Archer are a husband-and-wife filmmaking team and founders of the filmmaking ministry, Fearless Features. They are the producers of the "Inwood Drive" film about Ulrich “George” Klopfer, one of the nation’s most prolific abortionists. After Klopfer’s death, over 2,000 medically-preserved fetal remains were found in his garage and weeks later, another 165 baby remains were discovered in the trunk of his dilapidated car.

"Inwood Drive" includes the only personal interview ever recorded with George Klopfer, who sat down with producers Mark and Amber Archer just months before his death, revealing his true motivations for many of his actions.

The Archers are currently working on a new film, "The Mind Polluters." "The Mind Pollutersfilm will not only show the brutal battle being waged right now to force both public and private school systems to indoctrinate children as young as pre-school age with materials so heinous that they are illegal everywhere else except in the classroom, it also explores the history of the pornography battle in the United States for the past 100 years.

Mark and Amber have a weekly podcast that airs each Tuesday and Thursday. They have many interviews posted with the various contributors to "The Mind Pollutersfilm. The podcasts taken from my interview can be found here. I encourage you to listen to all their interviews and discussions about this upcoming film beginning at Episode #29. You will hear perspectives from over a dozen concerned citizens who are trying to awaken the sleeping so we can have an authentic “woke” populace.

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