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This article examines some lessons learned in an award-winning young adult book.

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Reality is defined as: "the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them." Reality is not subjective.

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Social Justice Warriors

Are children being trained by adults to become activists? Are they qualified to take on these battles, or are they being exploited?

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Why Can't Children Just Be Children?

Even very young children seem to have strong feelings and opinions about controversial subjects. Are these ideas purposefully planted in the minds of children?

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The Shaping of a Child’s Worldview

Are books marketed for young readers neutral? You decide.

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Storytime for Children

What about Drag Queen Story Hour? Should parents take their children to a library to be entertained?

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In Such a Time as This

Many libraries and bookstores are closed. Are e-books the answer?

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Politics for Kids

Our youth seem to have strong political viewpoints these days. Is it from a careful study of our history and our Constitution, or are they being politicized? 

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Targeting Preschoolers via Picture Books

Should picture books for three and four year olds address transgenderism and drag queens? Obviously, the publishers think so.

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Jerome by Heart

Is this book for children four to eight years, "romance fiction" ?

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george book

Hormone Therapy 101—For Kids

How could children possibly become college and career ready—or even prepared for junior high school—without the knowledge and understanding of hormone therapy?

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