The subject of Children’s Literature affects everyone. We are told that reading books about being kind or not being a bully will help us to be kind and not be a bully. However, there are numerous childrens’ books condoning every vice known to man. And, those are supposed to leave children unscathed.

Perhaps we need to start looking BETWEEN THE COVERS.

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Do children's books play a role in shaping children's attitudes about COVID-19?

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Coming Soon to a Library Near You

Many new children's books are released each month. Do you know what lies Between the Covers?

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Deep Diving or Digging Down into the Rabbit Hole

Should parents be asking more questions about the books their children are reading? If so, where do they go to find those answers?

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A Lump of Clay

Parents scratch their heads, puzzled as to how their children ended up with worldviews at polar opposites from their own. How were these ideas shaped and developed?

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Between the Covers

  • What were children reading in 1900?
  • What’s a “controlled” vocabulary?
  • What do reading levels really mean?
  • Is profanity used in young adult books?
  • What are books for “reluctant readers?”
  • What are adult books for teens?
  • How are books used to create youth activists?
  • What is censorship and who are the censors?
  • How is Christianity portrayed in children’s books?
  • Are book descriptions and reviews reliable?

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