The subject of Children’s Literature affects everyone. We are told that reading books about being kind or not being a bully will help us to be kind and not be a bully. However, there are numerous childrens’ books condoning every vice known to man. And, those are supposed to leave children unscathed.

Perhaps we need to start looking BETWEEN THE COVERS.

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Sight-Reading, Word-Guessing, or Look-Say

Perhaps you have heard the terms sight reading, word-guessing, or the look-say method of teaching children to read. What does this really mean?

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Jerome by Heart

Is this book for children four to eight years, "romance fiction" ?

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Hormone Therapy 101—For Kids

How could children possibly become college and career ready—or even prepared for junior high school—without the knowledge and understanding of hormone therapy?

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baby books for teens

Books for Struggling Readers

Would the content of these books entice older students to read them? Will the books improve their poor reading skills or is the message the real purpose?

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Between the Covers

  • What were children reading in 1900?
  • What’s a “controlled” vocabulary?
  • What do reading levels really mean?
  • Is profanity used in young adult books?
  • What are books for “reluctant readers?”
  • What are adult books for teens?
  • How are books used to create youth activists?
  • What is censorship and who are the censors?
  • How is Christianity portrayed in children’s books?
  • Are book descriptions and reviews reliable?

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